Sunday, 27 July 2014

Combat Cards: Imperial Inquisitor

After painting some new releases over the last few weeks I decided it was time dip back into my collection of vintage models. This is the latest in my project inspired by the late 80s Citadel Spacewar Combat Cards. The idea is, of course, to paint the minis as closely to how they appear on the cards as possible.
Here's the comparison shot:
I'm pretty happy with the scheme match although I struggled a bit with the freehand this time. It doesn't look too bad in these shots but it is a bit off and I certainly won't be posting any close ups of it! I have a particular soft spot for this mini because it appears in the original Rogue Trader rulebook. It is a version with a different paint scheme and it is not specifically described as an Inquisitor, but its definitely the same mini.
Here are a few more shots of my version:
Finally, here is the whole card. I have one more mini left to do in this little project - I picked my favourite 5 from the set of 36. It would take me too long to do all of them, and some are very difficult to get hold of.


  1. Absolutely awesome, man! These combat card posts really take me back, and you're doing a tremendous job recreating their paint schemes. Great work!

  2. This guy is looking awesome. The freehand is looking good too. Im excited to see which others you pick from the pack.

  3. Thanks! The last mini is an RTB01 Sergeant with loads of freehand. Wish me luck!