Sunday, 12 May 2013

Space Marine Sniper Scouts

This is a unit that I finished last year, but I have only just got around to basing them and I thought it would be worth taking a few snaps. These scouts are a seldom used part of my Salamanders army, and the green parts of the armour are done with the same spray and wash technique.

I chose to ignore the fluff and give my Sallies pale skin - mainly because I couldn't come up with a convincing  way of doing the grey / black skin that they are supposed to have. I used a very simple technique for the pale faces that my pal Kobrakei showed me - basecoat of GW Dheneb Stone (from the old range) followed by a flesh wash. When it dries, the details of the face are picked out nicely without much hassle. I think it has worked particularly well on this unit.
The camo cloaks are done in the same way as the green armour, but using a brown wash over the yellow spray coat.
Two of the models are from the old fashioned metal line. The current plastic kit is very nice and has some nice bits and pieces on the sprue, but I couldn't resist getting a couple of metal ones for old times' sake.
I realised the other day that their goggles look just like the ones they have in Ghostbusters!
40k cat
40k cat always hears me getting ready to take these pictures and can never resist joining in the photo-shoots.


  1. Those old metal snipers just seem to have so much more character than the new plastics...always liked the old scout models

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  3. Hi ieuan,

    Thanks for taking an interest. I've added a follow by email option now, or you can add blogs to your reading list from your blogger dashboard.