Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tutorial: A very quick and easy way to paint Tau skin

I chose Tau as my second army over a year ago, but it is only now that the new book is out that I have started to work on them in earnest.
This is a very quick way to do the blue skin on Tau models. It is strictly tabletop - these minis aren't going to win any awards, but if you want to get your little blueskins ready for battle quickly this could work for you.

So, this model is ready to have the head painted.
Next, cover all the area that will end up being skin with an off-white colour. I used GW Dheneb Stone, and the equivalent in the new range is Rakarth Flesh I believe.
Once the base is dry, give the area blue wash. Make sure it sits in the eyes and other recesses. Once the wash is dry, that's it. You get a nice deep blue in eye sockets and in grooves in between the eyes and on the cheeks, and on the raised areas you get just a hint of the new colour. Overall it does a decent job of creating a blue skin effect with very little effort at all.

You could of course use this as a base and add some more detail, but this is as far as I go with it.
I am just finishing off my unit of Firewarriors and I will do a full post on the scheme that I used for them soon.

Finally I would like to thank 40k Cat for allow me to use her laptop for long enough to write this post.
40k cat

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  1. The Tau are looking good Danny...can't wait to play against them. I've been looking at some army lists, and they all end up with a ridiculous amount of missile spam...have to see what you come up with!