Saturday, 20 April 2013

Converted Salamanders Stormtalon: Finished

This Talon is converted using drop pod wings, and you can find my tutorial about how to do this here. The tutorial has proved to be really popular, and is by some distance the most-read post on my blog. It is also the top google result for stormtalon conversion tutorial, but that's enough boasting for now!
This model is painted using the same technique as the rest of my Salamnders army - a dusting of yellow spray  over the black undercoat followed by green wash. This scheme is designed for infantry really, and that is where it works best, but it can be applied to vehicles with reasonably good results.
I chickened out a bit and left the cockpit as clear plastic. It would certainly look better with some of the edges of canopy painted like the pros do, but I was worried about making a mess of it and having to try and find a new canopy from somewhere. As far as I can tell this is not an easy part to come by!
Overall I am very pleased with the conversion, but to take it to next level think you'd need to extend the tail really. These two views show how short and stubby the model looks from the side and top - to look really aerodynamic it would want a much longer tail, but that would be getting into more serious conversion work.
As is tradition, I was ably assisted in taking these photos by 40k cat. I am not quite sure whether she is telling me that she prefers the GW version of the Stormtalon or is giving my conversion the seal of approval. Either way, 40k cat bites are resolved at S94 AP1.
40k cat

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  1. I found your conversion via a google search. I should have just looked back in your blog. This is a really nice variant of the storm talon. Thanks also for the tutorial for it. I think I'm going to tear mine apart and copy your wing/missiles (while keeping the chin turret).