Sunday, 26 January 2014

1990s Dark Angel Captain

I am working through a set of six Space Marine Captains with capes which were released in about 1990 or 1991, and the latest to be finished is this Dark Angel.
Finishing this model marks the halfway stage in this project. It is six months since I finished the Ultramarine, and seeing I have just started two new projects with vintage models, it is time that I got my act together.
Below is the whole set. Next is the Blood Angel who I am going to clean up and spray immediately... I think that he's going to be pretty quick to get done if I put my mind to it. The Space Wolf is just about to go off to Poot's airbrush station to be oil-washed like the Space Wolf Terminator that we worked on together. Finally, I think that the Captain with the power fist is going to be painted up as Mentor Legion. I am bit scared of painting white armour so I think that a test mini is in order first. I have a white metal beakie veteran lying around who fits the bill. Might as well get him sprayed too.
As usual, 40k Cat's input into the composition of these photos was essential to getting this post fit to be published.


  1. Old school awesome. I love the Mentor legion - mysterious bastards. So, gonna try your hand at NMM for Dante (or is that Tycho) there? :P

  2. What would be cool is if you bought the updated versions of Tycho, the Dark Angels Captain and Sicarius and gave them a paint to match the older versions. Not that you need more projects of course :P

  3. Awesome models, I am glad they got 40cat's approval :)

  4. Zab - Tycho is finished and the post will go up in a couple of weeks... I am not brave enough to try NMM yet but I will have to give it a go eventually.

    Kobra - Yes! Good idea... when I get my Orks and Orlocks finished I may have a go at that cos it wouldn't take too long to do, especially because not all of these minis have modern equivalents.

    Reaktor - thanks!