Sunday, 19 January 2014

Test Mini: Red and Orange Tau Stealth Suit

This model had been lying around on my painting table for months so I decided to grab it and stick some paint on it, thinking that it would be fun. Actually it ended up being a bit of nightmare and taking me a lot longer than I had hoped, but it has been worth doing - I've got two Riptides to paint, and although I won't be using these scheme I will apply some of the stuff that I've learnt here.
In this last view you can see that the black lines on the orange helmet are a bit of a mess, but I'd have enough of doing and re-doing them and it was time to move on!

If I manage to tidy this scheme up a bit when I get around to painting the other two models in the squad, I may post a tutorial for this scheme. It is based around Vallejo Heavy Red, which I found incredibly frustrating to work with and I switched back to GW Khorne Red to finish him off. This is unusual for me because I normally find Vallejo paints much more reliable.

Despite my frustrations, this paint scheme did get the 40k Cat seal of approval.


  1. Looks a bit pinks and red to me, but then you could paint them up with little hello kitty icons and sell them for a fortune to those crazy hello kitty fans o_O

  2. Hi Zab, Yeah the pictures came out a bit weird but he's orange in real life. I thought about re-shooting but was ultimately too lazy... I am not sure that my freehand is quite up to doing Hello Kitty logos just yet I'm afraid!

  3. Although I saw this over a week ago, I'm thinking the saturation levels on your camera are a bit's a lot redder irl!

  4. Yeah, the light was pretty poor and my phone camera was struggling. As you say he is definitely red in real life! My new magnifier lamp should help quite a bit with taking blog photos I think.