Monday, 21 April 2014

1990s Crimson Fists Captain

I am far better at thinking up projects and buying the minis required than I am at finishing them, but this is one that is very close. This is the fifth of six vintage space marine captains that I am slowly working my way through.
I had originally earmarked this model to be painted in Mentor Legion colours, but I did a test mini which turned out to be hard work, so instead he become a Crimson Fist. Despite the hours I have spent gazing at the cover of the Rogue Trader rulebook over the years, I had never painted a Crimson Fist until now.
This file is called "Fist Rear" [Beavis and Butthead laugh]. I opted for a green purity seal because there's already a lot of red on this model. It is GW Ogryn Camo washed down with brown if I remember correctly.
I am pretty sure that this model is well over twenty years old and he has had a few bashes here and there, like on the edge of the powerfist.
He's pretty flat, but that was what the technology of the time allowed and I think these models have a lot of character.
Here are the finished minis. A handsome bunch even if I do say so myself...
...and here they are in the formation that they appeared in the Citadel Catalogue. The final mini is the Space Wolf captain. Poot is going to give him a oil-washed basecoat like our other vintage Space Wolves.
As usual, 40k cat joined in the fun.


  1. Loving seeing the set come together man - fantastic work all around!

  2. Great work! I love the contrast between the greys and the blue / red scheme of the Fists. Works for me!

  3. Interesting use of the red shoulder pad. I usually see all blue, but some people use red trim. This is the only red pad I've seen, it looks pretty great. But I'm not sure what I'd do with the fist symbol. Would you do it in black, blue, or include the circle?