Sunday, 14 December 2014

Forgeworld: Horus Heresy Navigator

I am back after a planned hiatus that ended up being a lot longer than I was originally expecting... This is one of the models that GW has been selling as event-only models this year, and I am quite fond of its Rogue Trader style so I collected one at "Warhammerfest" a couple of months back.
I fancied trying out an alternative way of painting skin after seeing the Imperial Guard Comissar Model that came out earlier this year, and a painting guide from White Dwarf for a Vampire Counts model. These both use a much paler base colour - Rakarth Flesh - and then use a scarlet wash as well as the usual flesh shade. I had a go at this approach on this mini and it has worked well, so I am going to try to develop it a bit further with my next mini,
I used the same recipe for the fur collar as I use on my second edition Space Wolves. I did think about attempting an exotic red fur but I chickened out...
I used Nihilakh Oxide for cogs on the staff, as well as a couple of other washes, but I wan't particularly happy with the final results. I've not been that pleased with my metallics recently, so I am going to concentrate on getting them right on my next mini.
The robe is based on GW Caliban Green worked upwards through to Warboss Green and Moot Green. The base started life as Astrogranite which re-painted with a brown/red mix and then washed purple. I am rather pleased with the result...

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  1. Hey came out great Danny. I like the flesh tone you got here. Perfect timing, since I'm about to start painting a Dark Eldar Haemy, and I think the base and wash you used will go perfect on him!