Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hand of Junk

Despite being a proper grown up with a real job and a wife I had a relapse and got back into 40k at the age of 29... I was spending a lot of time taking photographs of the minis I'd been working on and sending them to my mate toopank and I realised that I had all the material for a 40k project blog... and here it is.

In 40k, what I call a 'Hand of Junk' is when you roll a big handful of dice really badly... Failing 7 out of 10 3+ armour saves is a particularly painful one that springs to mind... Anyway, that's the reason behind the name. It had to be called something.

In this blog I am planning to cover both the modelling and painting techniques that I've been using to put together my armies, and some riveting battle reports from the mini round robin league that I play in...

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