Wednesday, 27 June 2012

In the post this morning... RTB01 marines

This morning I received a couple of RTB01 marines still on their sprue. They weren't exactly a bargain but I'm really excited about putting these together. They are exactly the same minis that I got for Christmas in about 1992... I have no idea what happened to my original ones and I probably butchered them anyway.

I can't decide whether to put them into my main marine army somewhere or to do them as separate little project on their own but I will definitely be painting them in a Rogue Trader style with stripes down the beak, whichever chapter they end up being from.

Over at the toopank residence he took delivery of an airbrush and compressor which we are hoping will end up being a much more cost effective way to undercoat models and to apply base coats with a much wider range of colours than is available as GW / Army Painter sprays etc. We'll write up our experiences in airbrushing over the next few months...

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