Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hand of Junk: 100 minis of 2013

I had decided not to do a year in review post, but after reading Garfy's Hobby Recap on Tale of Painters I thought that it would be worth going back over what I had done this year. It turns out that I painted almost exactly 100 minis, some dating back to the earliest days of 40k, some brand new releases. Getting them all in one picture that looked decent was next to impossible, so here they are in three shots. Under each picture I've linked to the various posts from the year.
My New Year's resolutions for hobbying are to improve my blog photography, and to get my gaming table painted. Whether I will paint another 100 models is another question... My total currently stands at two, and these will be my next two posts - a Tau Stealth Suit and a vintage Dark Angels captain.

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