Sunday, 13 July 2014

A new toy: Mecalight LED-480

Until recently when I took pictures for my blog I had to unscrew my swing arm magnifying lamp from my hobby desk and move downstairs into the room where I take my pictures. This was getting to be a pain so I treated myself to a portable light, a Mecalight LED-480.
These are really intended to be used with video cameras, and at £75 I am sure that there are cheaper ways of getting my hands on some portable lighting, but as soon as I saw this in action I had to have one.
It comes with two diffusers, which snap on with magnets in a very satisfying way. I don't think that they make a great deal of difference in the pictures that I take, but anyway here are a few comparison shots of the different diffusers in action:
No diffuser
White Diffuser
Yellow Diffuser
I think that the differences in these shots are more to do with the autofocus/brightness adjustments etc. on the very average camera that I use than the diffusers. I think my next investment may be in a new camera, although I am bit nervous about spending lots of money and getting no real improvement in the pictures that I end up with...

Something that I've found really useful are the points that can be used to connect it to a tripod. This isn't that useful for photographing minis, but it makes a great portable hobby light. I set it up in down in wargarage while I was watching a game last week.
Here is a bonus picture of 40k Cat getting involved with the same game. She was very interested in the Dakka Jets and decided that they were hers. She commanded them to great effect, SuperShootering a Rhino and two Vindicators to pieces.
Finally here is a bonus bonus picture of 40k Cat keeping a very close eye on me while I write this blog post, and getting my green mat all hairy as is tradition.

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