Monday, 21 July 2014

Ork Painboy

I think that the Ork release has probably been my favourite wave of new models since I got back into playing, and I've been tempted away from my vintage minis for the third time in recent weeks.
This is another of GW's excellent single sprue character models. I've been so impressed with these that I've even been tempted by a couple from the fantasy range. I've already done this Chaos Lord and I've got the Nurgle equivalent edging its way closer and closer to my painting table.
This is another of Poot's minis that I've painted for him. As usual he wanted it as as close as possible to the GW scheme and he provided all the recent Orky issues of White Dwarf as reference material. As you can see, if you were going for a proper pro-standard you'd use some green stuff where the head meets the neck.
The syringes on this mini are great fun. I think I could have made them a bit prettier, but I am always painting to a timetable for weekly blogposts and it was time get finished. I've been wondering recently if I should be taking more time over some minis - for example there's a fairly hideous highlight on the vertical bit of red piping which wouldn't have gotten past quality control if I wasn't in a rush...
As I paint more and more Orky gubbinz I get more and more confident with checks and I'm pretty happy with these. Generally I have been working on improving my freehand which until recently had been non-existent because I was too scared to even try it.

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