Monday, 25 August 2014

Orky Business

My Ork Painboy from a few weeks ago is currently on display in our local Games Workshop. I've always fancied putting something in their cabinet but never got round to until Poot took matters into his own hands and presented the mini to the manager.
I've let myself off having anything new finished for this week, even with the extra day off work for the bank holiday, because I want to finish the model I am working on at the moment to the highest possible standard. The model in question is Grukk Facerippa from the recent Stormclaw set. I am thinking about putting him into our store's painting competition, but my main motivation is to do the very best I can on the mini and not rush it for blogging purposes.
I don't usually like to post WIP shots, but I had taken a few for the "client" so I thought I'd stick em up. I'm reasonably pleased with these checks but I will be very glad when they are finished!
I am currently trying to develop my freehand and I'm getting reasonably comfortable with simple shapes like these, although I have simplified the design somewhat (the 'Eavy Metal version has three teeth on the weapon stock).
I'm using the current GW scheme for the skin which works really well. In the picture above I've done three of the five steps and its already looking rather nice even if I do say so myself.
I am very impressed with this sculpt and I am very glad to have had the chance to paint him. I am thinking about adding the Space Wolf character from the set to my "portfolio" but being a limited edition mini he's already rather costly on eBay.
One of the features of the GW version is the weathered bronze which I've approximated using Nihilakh Oxide.
Here's the squig which is nowhere near finished except the tongue... I am working inside outwards.


  1. Excellent work on the orks. The painboy is fantastic and loving the wip on grukk. I really wish his model wasn't so expensive. It's saddening :(.

  2. Looking great, man! Nice work!

  3. Thanks. He's finished now. Write up will be published tomorrow