Sunday, 31 August 2014

Grukk Face-Rippa

I've become a bit of an Orkspert in recent months it seems... Here's the finished Grukk, to go along with the Painboy, and the Rogue Trader Orks that I have been working recently. My apologies for the awful pun. I have done somwhere between 12 and 20 hours on this mini and I am a bit frazzled. There's a Work in Progress post on this model from last week too.
This is another mini that I've been asked to paint as closely as possible to GW version. There are a couple of bits that I have simplified, but overall I don't think it is a bad job of recreating the original at all.
Looking at the comparison shot I have actually made my life more difficult by doing much finer checks than on the GW example. Oh well, it was a real test of my freehand which I have been working on a lot recently and my confidence for simple geometric stuff like this is pretty high now.
This top view shows the full extent of the checks on that shoulder pad. They ended up a touch distorted because to make things simpler I was always following the line of the armour plate. Overall the effect is pretty nice and very orky!
This view shows off some more of the freehand on this mini. The power klaw has tiny checks and "teeth" as well.
I'm also rather pleased with the way that the leather on the weapon holsters has come out. This is my usual black / Stormvermin Fur mixtures in various layers up to pure grey for the highlight. Also, there are some more checks! Now wonder I couldn't see straight at the end of the week.
One last view. I wasn't very happy with the quality of these pictures. I needed to get him finished to go into our local store painting competition, which meant that I was taking the pictures late in the evening. I use a little video camera light for these shoots, but without the natural light to help out my little setup struggles and you end up with too much shadow. When he's back from our stores display case I may yet re-shoot these.


  1. Very nice Danny. Try covering your light sources with a piece of paper (paper towel works in a pinch). It'll help diffuse the light and soften those shadows. Paintjob still looks great in the less then optimal lighting conditions, which speaks volumes of its quality!

  2. Yes, good tip, I will try that. Thanks, I am glad that the paint job isn't completely let down by the nasty pictures!