Sunday, 18 January 2015

More Space Ork Raiders

Just a quick post this week. I've been clearing a couple of things from my painting queue including two more 1980s Space Ork Raiders which have been an ongoing project for some time now.
The painting time for these two was approximately 2 hours per model. I was a little bit disappointed with this as I was aiming for more like 90 minutes, and I have another  8 minis to go on this project. As usual I am painting these as closely as possible to the box art. It can be a bit tricky because the main picture on the box isn't actually of the models.
There is a picture of the minis on the back which is what I'm working from, but it is rather small. The two mins that I have completed today are on the back row, second from left and first from right.
The box also includes a very simple painting guide... Of course all these colours are long obsolete. I am quite pleased that with my effort to reproduce the scheme, although the 1980s Games Workshop scheme has a bit more neon green to it which I haven't quite nailed. If I was starting again I would try introducing something like Moot Green from the current range into the scheme.
Here is my collection of Rogue Trader Orks. Most of them are from this Space Ork Raiders box, except for the Warchief "Boglob" who is from my Combat Cards project.
Of course, 40k Cat came to join me when I took my photos.

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