Saturday, 2 March 2013

Salamanders Predators

I have just finished a pair of predators for my Salamanders army.
I'm really pleased with the way these have come out. The paint scheme I use for my Salamanders can be quite tricky for tanks, but it has worked very well with these two. They are also magnetised to allow the different weapon options to be used.
A tutorial about magnetising the main turret is included in this post.
These two can also be stripped down to run as Rhinos when required. Here's one with all the magnetised parts on display:
So far I have completed two Razorbacks, two Predators and a Rhino for this army. I am going to add a Land Raider, which will also be magnetised between Godhammer and Redeemer patterns, and I also have a 2nd edition Razorback to come for my RTB01 Tactical Squad. I will post a tutorial on the Land Raider magnets in next couple of weeks. It is actually looking like it will be quite a bit simpler than the Predators.
Here is a bonus picture of 40k cat inspecting the troops before a recent 3000 point game...
40k cat
....and here is a bonus bonus picture of 40k cat helping me to prepare this post.
40k cat

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