Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Fifth Edition Dinosaur: Rifleman Dreadnought

This model has been sitting looking at me sadly from the back of modelling desk for far too long... so long in fact that things have moved on in the 40k world and he is now a lot less likely to feature in my marine lists.
When the sixth edition rules came out, one blogger described the Rifleman as a "fifth edition dinosaur", because the addition of hull points to the game would make them much less durable and no longer competitive. This comment has always stuck in my mind, hence the title of this post. They are a much rarer sight in our games nowadays, but this is probably more due to the fact that there are far fewer AV11 transports for them to open up like tin cans.
Anyway, tactics and list-building aside this is a really nice model that deserved to be finished. He's kitted out with the excellent, albeit very expensive Mark V Mortis Dreadnought Autocannon Arms from Forgeworld which are designed to fit onto the standard GW plastic Dreadnought kits.
I think 40k Cat was a bit bored today because she was even more "helpful" than usual when I was taking these pictures. No wonder my green mat is always covered in cat hair.


  1. I love dreads as you know,but GW just struggle to make them as effective as they are in the I feel that the Contemptor model has made the plastic Dread out of fashion. However, the paintjob is spot on, and the blending on the legs is just peachy!

  2. Why is my cat, Dr Watson, playing with your models! He is not allowed on the table!