Sunday, 2 March 2014

Orlock Project Update: Gangers

I am now getting to the final stages of my Orlocks project. I've been gradually collecting and painting all of the original 1995 scuplts, and now I have all the gangers complete.
These are the three that I've finished most recently.
I have also done a tutorial on the paint scheme that I use for these models, and there is also another one for doing the new style Orlocks that were released in 2001.

I've still got two juves, two heavies and a leader to paint, and I will do posts with all the minis in each category when they are finished.


  1. Beautiful work, man! The Orlocks are definitely some of the all time great figs GW has done. How I miss Necromunda!

  2. Those Orlocks look amazing. They'd be great veteran guardsmen.