Monday, 8 September 2014

Grukk Again, Competition Results

After an utterly chaotic (but massively fun) weekend in real life I am not only a day late but I'm afraid I don't have any models finished. Instead, here is another picture of Grukk who finished second in our local store's painting competition.
In this picture he's on my desk at work waiting to go into the shop in my lunch break. Eagle-eyed readers will be able to work out my real first name...(!). I started this blog using a pseudonym because I was a bit embarrassed about getting back into 40k in my 30s but I don't care any more and regular post shots of minis on my personal Facebook.
Anyway, back to the competition. Although I did take the top spot, when I went back to the shop Grukk had been put on display next to my Painboy. It is great to have two minis on display at Games Workshop and I am far prouder of this than a grown man really should be!
This was my favourite entry in the competition, by James Whitney, which got third place. I think that the subtle conversion work to take this mini from fantasy to 40k is absolutely top drawer. I didn't even know this mini existed until I saw this, so I've added it to my "to paint" list. I am going leave it as fantasy model rather than trying to recreate what James has already nailed!