Saturday, 29 June 2013

For Ultramar! Rogue Trader Ultramarines Captain

The next model to be finished in my collection of Space Marine captains from 1991 or thereabouts is this Ultramarine.

This is another model that I remember well from the period but never actually scraped the pocket money together to buy one. The short, Roman style sword and the "brush" on the helmet make this a really memorable sculpt and I'm really pleased to finally have one fully painted in my collection.
I have been using the captains project as a way to improve my painting technique. I've reached the point where my main Salamanders army pretty much paints itself and doesn't really teach me anything new.

This model was the first time I had experimented with mixing paints for highlights, and I've started using it quite a bit since. The blue armour scheme goes like this:

Base: GW Caledor Sky
Wash: GW Badab Black
Retouch: GW Caledor Sky
Highlight: GW Caledor Sky and GW Ceramite White approx 2:1

I chose Caledor Sky because it is a shade lighter than the current recommended GW base for Ultramarines and I wanted the model to have a really nice strong blue similar to the 2nd edition era box art. I showed it to Kobrakei this week and he immediately said it looked "well 2nd edition" so it's mission accomplished as far as I am concerned!

Here are the two captains I have finished in the project so far...
...and here is the entire group as they look at the moment.
Next on the list is this Dark Angel. I am really looking forward to working on this mini as I've never painted Dark Angels before, though I have adapted Dark Angels minis for my Salamanders army.
Finally, here is a bonus picture of 40k Cat getting involved in my 1500 point league game this week. The Chaos Terminators had just outflanked their way onto the board, and she thought that they warranted close inspection before ordering me to declare Storm of Fire and pulse rifle them to death.
40k cat

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