Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tutorial: Necromunda Orlock Scheme #2 - 2001 Style

I am about half way through painting the entire set of original sculpt Orlocks, and my paint scheme for these is here. A couple of the newer 2001 sculpts made it onto my painting table as well. Although I much prefer the earlier models, I thought that coming up with a paint scheme that would emulate the Games Workshop scheme for the new style Orlocks would be a worthwhile exercise, so here it is.

Here's the comparison with the official scheme. Not bad even if I do say so myself! I've made a couple of changes - I really don't like the sunglasses on the GW model and I have used a basing scheme that matches with the rest of my Orlock gang.
First, the base colours go on over a black undercoat. I use a mix of Vallejo, old and new GW paints. Where I've used anything else, I've listed the alternative in GW's current range.
  • Jacket and Boots: Vallejo Black / GW Abaddon Black
  • Denim: Vallejo Heavy Blue / GW Macragge Blue
  • Grenades: GW Waagh Flesh
  • Metal: Vallejo Gungrey / GW Leadbelcher
  • Weapon Casings: GW Castellan Green
  • Leather, Hair: GW Mournfang Brown
  • Flesh: GW Tallarn Flesh / GW Cadian Fleshtone
  • Bandana: GW Mechrite Red / GW Wazdakka Red
  • Base: Vallejo Neutral Grey / GW Mechanicus Standard Grey
A round of washes goes on next, starting to give the mini some depth. I also started the basing, using some PVA to stick sand onto the base.
  • Metal, Grenades: GW Badab Black / GW Nuln Oil
  • Flesh: GW Ogryn Flesh / GW Reikland Fleshshade
  • Leather, Hair, Bandana: GW Devlan Mud / GW Agrax Earthshade
This scheme follows a pretty standard approach - base, wash, the re-touch with base colour. Most of the mini gets its first set of highlights using the base colours, so I've not re-listed them all - they are same as in the first step. There are two exceptions - the leather and denim get a drybrush highlight with a different colour.
  • Denim: Drybrush GW Space Wolf Grey / GW Fenrisian Grey
  • Leather: Drybrush Vallejo Heay Warmgrey / GW Rakarth Flesh
Only a couple more steps are left. Another set of highlights goes on using lighter colours, either pre-mixed or by adding some white / bone to the base colour. The leather, denim and base get another wash.

  • Base and Leather: GW Badab Black / GW Nuln Oil
  • Denim: GW Asurmen Blue / GW Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Flesh: GW Kislev Flesh
  • Leather / Hair: GW Mournfang Brown mixed with bone
  • Metal: GW Runefang Steel
  • Weapon Casing and Grenades: GW Ogryn Camo
  • Bandana: Vallejo Crimson / GW Evil Sunz Scarlet
Finally, some finishing touches, including some gloss varnish on the metal lenses... The idea was to create a mirror shade effect but I am not that convinced. Worth a try though.
  • Base: Drybrush Vallejo Heavywarmgrey
  • Bandana: Glaze GW Bloodletter
  • Lenses: Varnish GW Hardcoat
This chap is ready for the underhive! I have glued him up with two pistols to represent a model in my gang who rolled the Gunslinger ability. Two autopistols at short range can be deadly.

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