Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kroot with Orange Dreadlocks

When my Tau army is finished it will include two units of 20 Kroot. They got a few nerfs in the new rules like losing the second close combat weapon, but I find that a 40-wound meatshield on front of your expensive stuff is still very useful. A strategically placed Ethereal can also make them very tough to shift.
I realised that with two units of Kroot side by side in a castle or flank denial type of deployment it would be nearly impossible to work out where one unit stopped and another started which could make working out cover and casualties etc. a nightmare. I decided to paint my second batch of Kroot with a slightly different scheme to help tell the two units apart. This is the alternative orange dreadlock scheme that I came up with.
My original Kroot scheme with purple dreads is here. This alternate scheme is exactly the same, but the dreads are painted like this. I use a mix of Vallejo, old and new GW paints. Where I've used anything else, I've listed the alternative in GW's current range.
  • Base: Vallejo Game Colour Heavy Red / GW Khorne Red
  • Highlight 1: Vallejo Game Colour Heavy Orange / GW Jokaero Orange
  • Highlight 2: Vallejo Game Colour Flame Orange / GW Trollslayer Orange
  • Wash: GW Gryphonne Sepia / GW Seraphim Sepia

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