Sunday, 8 December 2013

Orlock Project Update: Heavy Stubber #2

I am about half way through painting all of the original sculpt Orlocks from 1995. This is the latest model that I've finished. In fact, this one is a duplicate, rather than part of the collection of individual sculpts, but I have two heavy stubbers because that is a very solid choice when building a gang. He's painted using my 1995 Orlocks scheme.
The blue hair might seem like a strange choice but I think that these sculpts look a bit punk rock so you can get away with it. There's also a more practical reason - it makes it a lot easier to tell the different between your heavies when playing.
My two heavies are called Animal Mother and Animal Brother. This is nicked from Full Metal Jacket, one of my favourite films of all time. Animal Mother is the machine gunner in the squad that Joker joins up with during the Battle of Huế. This character immediately sprung to mind when I saw this mini painted, so I named my first heavy after him. Animal Brother is... well... his Brother!
The Real Animal Mother
This model has actually had a small conversion job done on it. The model is sculpted with a stubber in a holster on the back for his secondary weapon. Although in the rulebook it says that Heavies cannot have basic weapons, this was latter errata'd. This means that a lasgun is an excellent choice for a secondary weapon for a heavy, because it means that can still fire quite effectively when they are on the move. 

I've added a Lasgun on the left hand model, and the right one has the original stubgun.
Finally, here is a bonus picture of 40k Cat helping me to prepare this post. Recently, she seems to have been far less interested in joining in my photoshoots, but it is a bit cold today, so she decided to warm herself up using the fan on the laptop.


  1. I love those Orlock heavy stubber guys! They really are epic miniatures! Great paint job on both of them. My Orlock heavy also always carried a backup lasgun, although I didn't convert the model, as I've only got the one and I didn't want to damage him.
    Also, nice pic of your cat warming her bottom on your laptop fan!

  2. Thanks! Yes - these minis belong to my pal Poot, and we only did the conversion once we had a duplicate. When they go on the table they are both played with lasguns.