Sunday, 6 April 2014

c1994 Ogryn

I am afraid that that the new Ogryns that are about to be released by GW don't really appeal to me, so instead I've gone back to Poot's 90s collection and painted up a classic one. This another satisfying large lump of metal... he's been in protective custody on my hobby table for a long time and it is nice to have him painted up.
Here is the Stuff of Legends entry for this mini from 1994 (or rather for the parts that make it up).
This mini was undercoated using a grey airbush primer. I generally prefer to work from black, but this mini had been used as a guinea pig when were experimenting with the different primers. The lighter undercoat is actually a good choice for this mini because of the large area of flesh on display.
I decided to go for it and do a proper old-fashioned style base. It uses Vallejo Goblin Green (yes, their version is still called that) and some Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Burnt Grass stuck on with PVA. This is up there with the quickest and easiest basing that you can do, and is perfect if you want to pretend that your mini was from a 20 year old copy of White Dwarf.
The metallic parts are mostly done with Vallejo Model Air Gungrey which has largely replaced GW Boltgun Metal on my models nowadays. I have used some GW Runefang afterwards to add some brighter highlights.
What a handsome brute! Consider how much work I did on his face - not a great deal - it has come out very nicely which is a testament to the quality of the sculpt. According to Stuff of Legends, Michael Perry is the designer. Good job sir!
I am currently experimenting with a set up that allows me to work standing up because I think it might be better for my back. Although it is not immediately obvious from this picture, this shelf is almost 5 feet off the ground. I am not sure how well this will work just yet but I am going to trial it for a week or ten days.
Here is the traditional picture of 40k cat joining in the photoshoot.

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