Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kroot Shaper

Just a quick post this week. This is one of a long list of minis that I bought despite the fact that it is unlikely to ever make it into a list. As a punishment for buying stuff I don't need, I force myself to paint them all. My motto is "you bought it, you painted it!" (eventually).
 Actually this is quite a nice mini and is a long way off being the most useless thing that I've ever bought.
He's painted based on my Purple Dreadlock Kroot scheme, but he has the orange robe to tie him into my orange kroot.
 Here he is under my magnifying lamp in the Nerd Workshop.
I am just about to totally redesign the set up in there... It is currently very uncomfortable for me to paint. At over 6'8" tall it is very difficult to get comfortable while painting a 2" high mini! I am thinking about working standing up from now on, but I am going to need to experiment a bit. Any suggestions for painting setups for ridiculously tall people would be most welcome.
It looks like the end for my trusty PC which has served as a cheap and cheerful desk booster for the last two and a half years... I will miss it greatly! I will try to maintain my weekly blog posts, but things may slow down a bit while I am rearranging.
I am also in need of some new storage... Finished minis are gradually piling up on the desk getting dusty...

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