Sunday, 8 June 2014

Project Update: Space Ork Raiders

Now that my Captains Project is out of the way, I've taken the chance to make some progress on another one of my long term projects. I managed to find a complete, boxed set of Space Ork Raiders from 1987 which I gradually painting up as closely as possible to the way that they appear on the box.
This is one of GW's earliest sci-fi kits, and there isn't a great deal of variety in the sculpts, so the box picture features a couple of the troopers painted with really striking war paint on their faces to distinguish them from their otherwise identical pals. This is my effort at recreating that and it was a really fun paint job to do. Here a couple of views of the two newly completed minis.
Here is my small but rapidly expanding gang of Rogue Trader Orks, including "Boglob" from my Combat Cards project. He has now been re-based to match the rest of my vintage Ork warband.
"Why is that Ork fully painted apart from the face?" I hear you ask. Well that is because I have decided that what the internet needs is a tutorial on how to paint 1987-style Ork warpaint! The technique I used is very simple but very satisfying and I think that it could be used for loads of different minis so I've decided to write it up. It'll be up in a couple of weeks when I'm back from me hols.

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