Sunday, 1 June 2014

Vintage Captains Project: Complete

After a year and a quarter the first of my ongoing projects is complete. This Space Wolf Captain is the final one in a set of six that were introduced by Games Workshop in the early nineties.
This is also the latest in a set of models which I've collaborated on with Poot. He prepared this model with an airbrushed basecoat which was then oil-washed to give it more depth. A full description of the process is available here, and you can see all the minis that we've worked on together by clicking the 'Airbrush Projects' tag below.
My combat cards project has encouraged me to experiment with freehand and I continued on this mini with the markings on the kneepad, shoulder pad and chainsword. I did chicken out from doing the back of the sword though!
Here is our small but growing collection of second edition style Space Wolves. Next we have an old fashioned Bjorn the Fellhanded which I am part way through restoring. Seeing this shot makes me think I'll bump him up the painting queue because he will look lovely when's done using this scheme.
Here's the finished product - the entire set of old fashioned metal captains. This was been great fun, and I've deliberately used as many different techniques and basing styles as possible. I think that my favourite is possibly the Blood Angel but I am very happy with them all.
Here they are in the formation that they appeared in the Citadel catalogue of the time. It was the picture below that gave the idea for this project. Job done!


  1. Loving the Captains, a cracking paint job, they deserve a place in a display cabinet :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous work man - really been enjoying watching them all come together. Bravo!

  3. Jason - thanks! I've been enjoying your stuff over on Rogue Heresy. Lovely vintage minis.

    Mordian - thanks for dropping by again! glad you've enjoyed the series!