Sunday, 4 August 2013

Work in Progress: Necromunda Orlock Gang

I am back from a summer break from blogging, mainly because it has been far too hot in my nerd workshop so I've not been doing much painting. As it happens, our group is also taking a break from our regular 40k round robin league, and are going to run a Necromunda campaign over the next few weeks.

Tony dug out his original Orlock gang, which had been undercoated in about 1995 but never painted. Despite being in a bit of a state, these are really nice sculpts and we decided that they deserved to be painted properly.

Here are the two that I've finished so far...
...and this is the whole gang as they looked when they came down from the loft.
I am planning to have the gang finished over the next few weeks and will do a full post when it's done. In the meantime here a few more pictures of the finished ones:

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