Sunday, 10 November 2013

Test Mini: 1988 Space Ork Raider

I managed to get hold of a complete box of RTB02 Space Ork Raiders from 1988 a while back, and I have just organised myself to get a test mini done.
As usual I am doing my best to emulate the scheme of the time... I am reasonably pleased with this a first effort, although I think for my next model I need to go a bit further with the amount of yellow that is used on the highlights on the Ork skin. This mini uses GW Waaagh Flesh, Straken Green and Ogryn Camo. Next time round I may add a step with some yellow mixed into the Ogryn Camo.
Here he is with a sworn enemy from the Rogue Trader era, an RTB01 marine from my retro Salamanders tactical squad. I am not much of a fluff fan, but this picture puts me in mind of something from the original Rogue Trader rulebook: "People say on their first meeting, Man and Ork exchanged a long, hard look at each other, and didn't much care for what they saw, and began the long interstellar conflict that has gone on ever since."
A couple more views of my little green pal:


  1. Excellent paintwork! I think you've definately achieved the RT vibe with that mini. I've got a few of those and I'm trying to do different skin tone variations with each one, just to keep them varied (but all still dirty and grubby, obviously!) You were lucky to get a whole box of those guys, did you pay much for them or did you get a bit of a bargain?

    1. Thanks! They cost me about £20 which is a bargain. A couple of them are partially painted but they should strip easily. The box is in decent condition too which is really nice to have.